Improve Male Fertility- The Ayurveda Way!

Improve Male Fertility- The Ayurveda Way!

Improve Male Fertility- The Ayurveda Way!

Infertility can be cured and conception rate can be increased manifolds. All that you need is consistency with following the suggested dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Procreation is a fairly simple process. The sperm meets the ovum, they fuse to form a zygote which ultimately develops into a progeny. But if you look into the physiology of it, it is one of the most complex activities in the living world as it involves the cumulative effect of multiple internal as well as external factors.

It has been observed that when a couple is not able to conceive, about 40% of the time, it is because of the male infertility. Reasons can be many like low sperm count, motility, distorted sperm morphology, poor quality semen or erectile dysfunction.

In Ayurveda, shukra (male ejaculate) is derived from the root word “Sucha-Kleda'', which means ‘purity’. Semen or shukra dhatu has its own panch bhautik (5-elemental) constitution which maintains its normalcy. A good change in lifestyle ensures to bring an equilibrium in this constitution and cure male infertility.

Let’s look at some important lifestyle changes that males should incorporate in their routine to improve fertility and maintain good health.

Sattvic Diet

You are what you eat. A good diet should have all the micro and macronutrients needed for a healthy body. Males need zinc, vitamin B12, and vitamin C to produce healthy and viable sperms. Including fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet is highly recommended. What you eat not only impacts physical health but also affects how you think. As per ayurveda, manobhava or the mental state should be as pure and calm as possible. This can be regulated by eating sattvic foods, i.e food which does not have lots of spices, saturated fats and sugars.

Cut Out Smoking

It is well known that ‘Smoking Kills’. It not just affects your lungs and other organs, but also affects your sperms. In males, smoking has been observed to reduce sperm concentration, morphology, and motility as well as increased DNA damage. Moreover, nicotine and tobacco impair the ability of sperm to bind to the outer layer of the egg, impeding fertilisation. So, if you really desire a child you’ll have to cut back, and if possible cut out smoking completely from your lifestyle.

Stress Management

Any kind of stress, be it physical or mental, is extremely harmful for reproductive health. Hormonal imbalance caused by stress impedes the development of healthy sperm and adversely affects sperm count. In this fast moving world where stress has become almost inevitable, it becomes imperative to slow down and control stress levels. You can never go wrong if you meditate and do pranayama correctly as these are the age-old techniques to maintain a healthy mind.

Say NO to Alcohol

Experiments have shown that males who do not consume alcohol at all or consume it occasionally have a much better quality of sperm than those who consume it on a regular basis. Alcohol depletes the body of certain essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium which are needed for good reproductive health and various other body functions. Regular alcohol intake causes a severe dip in testosterone levels, which is the primary sex hormone in males.

Maintain Temperature

The scrotal region has been anatomically designed to keep sperms away from body temperature which is higher than the atmospheric temperature. Therefore, males are advised to wear undergarments and pants which are not too tight to the crotch as otherwise excessive heat from the body may degrade sperm quality and may even kill the sperms.

Weight Management

Low levels of testosterone are associated with abnormal weight. Your weight determines how your body releases certain hormones, therefore under-weight or overweight men suffer from hormonal imbalance. To remain in the BMI range, Ayurveda suggests practising yoga regularly. Doing surya namaskar(sun salutations) is the best yogic practice for enhancing sperm vigour.

Radiation Effect

We are mostly surrounded by gadgets like phones, laptops and tablets. These gadgets radiate electromagnetic effects which have been proven to be hazardous for reproductive health. These radiations have the capacity to alter genetic material that sperm carries which may lead to producing a mentally or physically challenged child. We know it is unavoidable to use gadgets at work, but it is best to not use them otherwise. Instead, spend some quality time with your partner and family to feel happy and elated.

It is advised to practise aforementioned suggestions at least 3 months prior from the time you plan to conceive. As a matter of fact, modifying lifestyle will even protect you from many diseases along with curing infertility.