While talking about conception, we seldom forget that a male is also involved in the process. Therefore keeping a check on male’s diet is equally important as the female's. On comparing the statistics with the previous generation, it indicates that sexual health and fertility rates have lowered in more than 43% of males. This is mainly attributed to an unhealthy diet and increased mental stress.

As per Ayurveda the major reason behind decreased fertility in males is consumption of more dry, bitter, sour and hot potency food. Furthermore, debility, stress, depressing thoughts and anger are few other key factors that affect fertility. In males, the major cause of excessive loss of shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue) is vitiation of pitta dosha along with the above factors.

Along with some lifestyle changes, it is advised to consume foods which strengthen and balance the tridoshas. Below you will find sperm count increase food that will improve overall male fertility and boost sexual health:


Perfect for pacifying vāta and pitta due to sweet taste, flattery texture and heaviness. Eating dates increases sperm quality and quantity, hence it is considered as a great food to boost male fertility.


It helps in maintaining reproductive health as it increases strength and nourishes the tissues with carbohydrate, proteins, vitamin A, B6 and minerals like Magnesium, Calcium and Iron.

Rock salt

Inclusion of rock salt in daily diet is highly recommended in Ayurveda because of its therapeutic properties. Primary treatment for reduced fertility is to boost digestive fire and that is what rock salt does. It also pacifies all three doshas.


Luke warm milk with a little honey make a successful preparation for increasing sperm count upto 50% and boost sexual drive. Vitamin A and B12 along with many other micronutrients present in milk are responsible for better production of sexual hormones and strengthened reproductive tissues.

Sugarcane products

You’ll be surprised to know that products derived from sugarcane such as its juice, shakkar and gur are few of the best aphrodisiacs. It is advised to consume any of these after sexual intercourse, as they restore the lost vigour and relieve the fatigue.


Consuming nuts has been widely known for improving the motility and morphology of sperm. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts contain healthy fats and protein which are required to create the cell membrane of sperm and enhance its quality.

Medicated ghee and oils

Shatapushpa tailam, Narayanatailam, Phalasarpis, Kalyana ghrita, Kalyanagulam and Dadimadighrita are some of the oils that have a multifold effect on male fertility. They nourish you and restore physical as well as mental strength.


It has a highly energising effect on the body. Consuming 5 gm of ashwagandha root powder a day for three months is known to improve both semen parameters and serum levels of beneficial hormones.


It has the capacity to boost circulation to genital organs and improves erectile dysfunction. In addition to carbohydrates, it also contains protein, fat, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, all of which contribute in producing viable sperm.


It is extremely rich in Vitamin A, C and D, all of which are essential for strong and prolonged erections. Moringa seeds have the power to increase libildo in males due to the presence of saponins.

Consuming the mentioned herbs and food will help you regain vigour and sexual health along with improving fertility. It is best to get involved in moderate yoga or exercising as well to see faster results. Don’t forget to be consistent with following lifestyle and dietary modifications because that's what will get you quick and sustaining results.