About us

Embracing the Purity of Ayurveda and Authenticity in Nutrition and Personal Care

At Herby Angel, we have a range of premium Organic baby and kids products, each infused with the nurturing essence of a mother's touch. We harmonize traditional Ayurvedic Indian knowledge with contemporary scientific precision to cater to the evolving needs of today by harnessing the potency of precious oils, pure herbs, and natural extracts, providing your baby with the precious gift of wholesome nourishment.

The Visionary Beginnings

Rooted In Tradition, Ignited By Passion

Motherhood is eternally associated with the qualities of nourishment, love, and care. At Herby Angel, we celebrate the wondrous journey of mother and child by harnessing the potency of essential herbs, oils, and extracts to give your baby the essential nourishment. Over the years, we have recognized Ayurveda as an alternative medicine practice, largely for adults. However, Ayurveda belongs to children as much as it does to adults! In fact, one of the eight branches of Ayurveda is Kaumara-Bhrtya, which deals with Bala Chikitsa (pediatric health care) that pertains to the well-being of the child and the mother. 

Our brand name holds a special significance that reflects our deep-rooted beliefs. "Herby" symbolizes the wonders of nature and the purity of Organic ingredients, while "Angel" represents the little ones in our lives who are nothing short of angels. 

We have blended these two elements to create “Herby Angel”, which signifies the bond between the natural world and the innocence of your babies. We believe that just as the angels should be pampered and protected, our little ones also deserve the safest and most nurturing care. It’s about bringing back ancient wisdom and delivering it to modern mothers, who seek the trusted old ways of caring for their li’l ones. 

Ideated by a mother and crafted by Ayurvedic experts

I‘ve built this brand from the heart of a mother’s fierce and protective instinct. Therefore, I make you a solemn, hand-on-heart vow that I’ll go to the ends of the earth to ensure your little ones are safe from harmful chemicals and toxins. 

At Herby Angel, we pay tribute to the nurturing embrace of Nature, while being firmly rooted in the timeless principles of Ayurveda. Our mission extends beyond tradition; we aim to be the bridge connecting ancient wisdom to modern, accessible, and user-friendly solutions. What’s more, all of these products are crafted by a team of experts with a cumulative 5 decades of experience in the field. Our team works tirelessly to source the best possible ingredients and craft formulations that are gentle, effective, and backed by science. 

And just like motherhood, our work is never done: we endlessly rethink, reevaluate, research, and reformulate, and if there’s a safer way, we’ll find it. And come up with the best for your little ones. 

EcoWisdom: Cultivating Sustainable Practices for a Greener Tomorrow

We are conscious thinkers and believe that the well-being of our children and nature are interconnectors. This is why just as we put our heart and soul into everything we create, Herby Angel is driven to develop a sustainable business by offsetting our plastic footprint. We believe in the three R - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - as integral principles guiding our practices.

Reduce: Recognizing the importance of minimizing waste, we are dedicated to reducing unnecessary consumption. Our streamlined processes and eco-friendly choices reflect our commitment to a more sustainable and conscious future.

Reuse: Embracing a sustainable approach, we encourage the reuse of materials wherever possible. From packaging to product design, we aim to extend the life cycle of our offerings, minimizing environmental impact.

Recycle: Committed to a circular economy, we actively participate in recycling initiatives. Our packaging materials are carefully selected to be recyclable, promoting responsible disposal and reducing the burden on landfills.

We are elated that our plastic-neutral approach will have a multifaceted impact on giving back to the planet and building our ecosystem of well-being. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact. 

Ethics and values 

For Herby Angel, “organic” is not just a label; it’s a way of life. This is why we ensure purity in every drop. We believe parents deserve complete peace of mind, knowing every detail about the products they choose for their precious ones. In this commitment to transparency, we have our revolutionary feature: The batch test report, where we provide parents with detailed information about every ingredient in our carefully crafted products. They go through stringent quality check procedures and get tested in NABL-accredited labs.  Moreover, each one of our products is Doctor-formulated and crafted with the utmost care, ensuring unparalleled safety, purity, and efficacy. 

Consciously Crafted, Purely Organic 

To bring the best of wholesome wellness to your baby. The extraction of herbs happens via manual processes without any chemical intervention. We bring the luxurious essence of nature to you and your baby in the most unadulterated form, from the soil to the shelf. 

Ingredient selection: We meticulously handpick each ingredient, ensuring they meet the highest standards of purity and safety for your little one. Our commitment to quality begins with our ingredient selection. 

Ingredient Testing: Before using these ingredients in the formulations, these curated herbs and ingredients undergo rigorous testing in state-of-the-art laboratories to confirm their authenticity, potency, and safety.  

Herb extraction and product-making: Our herbs are gently extracted, and our products are expertly crafted, following traditional methods from the books of Ayurveda. This meticulous process ensures that every product is infused with the essence of nature, just as it should be. 

Final batch quality check: Once the products are ready, they undergo a thorough quality check to ensure the quality and efficacy of the product. 

Packaging and lab assessment: Our commitment to excellence extends to the very last step. Our products are carefully packaged to maintain their purity and quality. Additionally, our labs continue to assess and ensure that the final products maintain the highest standards of authenticity and safety, providing peace of mind for you and your family. Hence, we deliver nothing but only the approved products to our customers. 

A concoction of pure, honest ingredients in harmony with nature

  • Made with Organic ingredients
  • Authentic Ayurvedic formulation
  • Parabens and sulfates-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made in Bharat