14 Fabulous Foods for a Fertile Uterus!!

14 Fabulous Foods for a Fertile Uterus!!

14 Fabulous Foods for a Fertile Uterus!!

A female's womb is often compared to a fertile land and this is indeed a very rhetorical yet truthful analogy. For growing healthy crops, the land should be completely cured from any disease and be treated with appropriate nutrients. Similarly, to give birth to a healthy child, the mother should be fit and consume a diet which is rich in nutrition.

Although the process of procreation is fairly simple but over the years, under the influence of modernism, we have unfortunately reduced our own power to reproduce progenies. Our lifestyle and diets have succumbed to such lows that its effect is more perilous than one could have ever imagined.

Fertility is built on a strong foundation of ojas which is a sanskrit term for vital energy. Thus, to increase the chances of conception, it is imperative to include ojas enhancing foods in diet. As per Ayurveda, vāta imbalance is the primary culprit for reduced fertility. A diet which is dry, cold and light in nature can elevate vāta, causing irregular ovulation. Aggravated pitta, on the other hand, can also cause conception failure by inhibiting ascent of sperms or descent of ovum.

You can sit back and relax, and not worry about anything, as we bring to you a list of foods that will enhance your fertility and increase the chances of conception:


Popularly known as the queen of herbs, it is a miracle herb for women planning to conceive. It eases ovulation, keeps hormonal balance in check and nourishes reproductive organs. One may consume half a teaspoon of Shatavari powder with milk or honey as a carrier, twice a day or as suggested by the physician.

Garlic (Lashuna)

Garlic consumption is recommended by Ayurveda, as it has high vitamin B6 content. Including garlic in diet has proven to produce healthy eggs and promote timely ovulation. It also prevents chromosomal damage in the fetus, which ensures the child to be healthy and disease free.

Whole wheat (Godhuma)

Whole wheat is a power house of anti-oxidants that scavenge on free radicals and help in regulation of sex hormones. It is packed with carbohydrates, vitamins, zinc, sodium, calcium and potassium, all of which are crucial for a healthy body. Note: It is advised to consume whole wheat and not processed wheat.

Black gram (Masha)

A major component of preconception diet- masha, has been referred to, in many ancient vajikaran texts for its aphrodisiac properties(ignite sexual desire). It is rich in Vitamins B, C, E and K, all of which are essential for fertility. It relieves the body from vāta by its heavy and hot potency.

Root vegetables (Moola shakha)

Sweet potato, carrots and beets are rich in carbohydrates and increase blood flow to the uterus, helping in steady implantation of the fetus on embryo lining.

Ash gourd (Kushmanda)

It works well in pacifying vāta and pitta and thus is a natural fertility booster. It is also an excellent detoxifier and provides necessary nutrients and phytochemicals to strengthen the body.

Moong (Mudga)

It is suggested to be consumed daily by females, as it is full of diverse nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Moong is also rich in vitamins and amino acids which are responsible for building protein in the body.

Liquorice (Yashtimadhu)

Consumption of milk with 12 gm yashtimadhu powder and equal quantities of ghee and honey is a time tested preparation to reduce debility.


Walnuts, flaxseed, almonds and chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and protein. As they have madhura rasa( property of sweetness), they tend to pacify vāta and pitta.

Gaurasa (Dairy products)

Milk, butter, ghee, buttermilk and curd, if consumed in moderation, are the best strengtheners and rejuvenators. Right amount of micronutrients as well as macronutrients are present in gaurasa and hence they have always been part of a balanced diet in India.

Sesame Oil (Tila taila)

Sesame seeds are known to balance oestrogen and progesterone levels, the two female sex hormones and carry the maximum amount of calcium and protein among the seed group.


Alma is highly rich in vitamins and is said to be one of the most effective foods for conception. It works wonders in regulating the menstrual cycle, making it a superfood for women planning to conceive.


Sweet, juicy fruits like mangoes, peaches, plums, pears have low calories and rich fiber content. Eating fruits increases the production of happy hormones and improves mood, which is necessary for overall well being.


Although heavily spicy food will lower your chances of conceiving, but some special spices like ajwain, cumin, turmeric and black cumin are herbs that have miraculous power to boost your sexual health and hence should be incoporated in the diet in moderation.

These herbs and food, if taken regularly, will improve the fertility levels and keep the uterus healthy. It will also ensure that you conceive with ease and experience a smooth pregnancy.