8 Pre-pregnancy Lifestyle Rituals to get pregnant fast!

8 Pre-pregnancy Lifestyle Rituals to get pregnant fast!

8 Pre-pregnancy Lifestyle Rituals to get pregnant fast!

While it was fairly common for women to bear 3 or more children a few decades back, in the ongoing times conceiving a baby with ease, without any medical assistance, is rare to be heard. The reason? Our Lifestyle. It’s something that we all know and acknowledge, but rarely take an action for.
It is because of our reluctance to bring changes in our lifestyle that makes this very natural process of conceiving a baby require IVF or other medical treatments.

Return to the roots and traditional lifestyle

We have mentioned the key lifestyle modifications for you to take note of. You should bring in practice the following for your pre-pregnancy care:

  1. Optimum Physical Activity- Extremism has done good to none. While excessive physical exercise vitiates vāta which leads to debility, low to no exercise vitiates kapha and causes obesity. Both the scenarios hamper conception in women.
    It is best to exercise on a regular basis and do moderate yoga to keep weight in check and have good reproductive health.

  2. Stress- This is a major reason behind infertility in both genders. Over exertion due to work or other career pursuits often leads to unavoidable stress which further causes hormonal imbalance. Stress is also caused by vāta upsurge in the body.
    Performing rituals which are grounding in nature like body massage, calming yoga and meditation are proven ways to reduce vāta and hence the stress.

  1. Menstrual Regimen- Ayurveda’s rajaswala paricharya quotes diet and lifestyle related guidelines to be followed during menstruation. Due to heavy workload and busy schedules, women often ignore their health during this time which results in an increase in the number of PCOS, PCOD and other reproductive dysfunction cases in women. 

Ayurveda suggests taking rest, sleeping on a hard surface and consuming sattvic food during menstruation. These help maintain female reproductive health and fertility.

  1. Sleep- Sleep is said to be the foundation of a healthy life. Most lifestyle disorders can be prevented if the circadian rhythm of the body is in sync with nature. Melatonin is naturally produced by the body during sleep, and is an essential requirement for a healthy body. Using electronic devices, watching movies and being active on social media till late night causes an imbalance in the melatonin production.
    It is best to avoid using any device at least an hour before sleeping. You can even practice calming activities like lighting diyas(earthen lamps) and doing scalp massage, as it promotes sleep and positive energy, and relieves stress immediately.

  1. Diet- High sugar and fat consumption causes higher risk of infertility. 

Ayurveda recommends adding fiber rich food, leafy greens, ghee and fresh fruits to your diet. Protein should be sourced from plants, as too much animal protein has been linked with increased risk of infertility. 

  1. Age- In women, the quality of eggs deteriorates with age. Therefore the biological cycle should not be neglected. Surveys show that conceiving a baby after 35 years of age is not very easy. Also, as your body ages, it might not be able to bear the stress of carrying a child. Therefore, it is best to conceive in the right age to prevent mis-carriage or sexual dysfunctions.

  1. Addictions- Consuming alcohol or smoking can increase your chances of infertility by 13%. Smoking can extend the time it takes to conceive and also increases your risk for a miscarriage. The child may also have birth defects if the mother regularly indulges in smoking or consuming alcohol. Alcohol can impact both female and male fertility, affecting conception and implantation. 

While you might want to hear that cutting out a little would do the required,but, ‘there is no safe dose of alcohol’.

  1. Environmental Factors- Air or water pollution and intake of chemical laden fruits and vegetables are a big threat to fertility. The chemicals can also cause genetic mutation or distortion in the fetus.
    You can make a kitchen garden at home. Gardening will also uplift your mood and reduce stress. If this is not feasible, then make sure to soak the fruits or vegetables for an hour or so before cooking or eating them. Also ensure to eat only seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Natural way, the healthier way!

Excessive mental exertion, stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of regular exercising, and unhealthy eating habits contribute to decreasing fertility rates. Therefore it is best to keep a check on these and keep on improving your habits.

By following the quoted lifestyle modifications, you will surely feel better and conceive faster. It is important to remain consistent in following a healthy routine to see results and experience enhanced energy levels. It is good to continue with the same lifestyle even after conceiving your baby to ensure good health for both yourself and your baby.