Why to choose Triphala Hair Cleanser for your kid ?

Why to choose Triphala Hair Cleanser for your kid ?

Why to choose Triphala Hair Cleanser for your kid ?

The best personal care solutions date back to the vedic era and come from the texts of Ayurveda. Now age-old remedies are the way to go because they are completely safe and come with no trace of chemicals and toxins.

Amidst the hectic lifestyle taking care of hair and skin gets tough. We often go for chemical based hair cleansers which do more harm than good. The toxin loaded cleansers strip the natural oil from the scalp, leaving it itchy, prone to dandruff and make the hair dull and brittle.

The solution to it? Switch to the roots. Triphala tops the list of hair cleansers in Ayurveda and brings along a list of benefits. It is a combination of three herbs- Haritaki, Amalaki and Vibhitaki, which magically work together to give you the strengthened, shiny and smooth hair.

Know how triphala brings its charm-

  • Promotes hair growth- Triphala stimulates the hair follicles and roots to boost the hair growth. The Amalaki in triphala is loaded with vitamin-C, which helps in strengthening the hair shaft.

  • Fights dandruff- Vibhitaki has antifungal and antibacterial properties which help keep dandruff at bay. The combined properties of the three herbs in triphala, work their magic to help improve and prevent all scalp related conditions.

  • Maintains scalp pH- Haritaki has lots of antioxidants which keep the scalp fresh. Triphala works wonderfully to maintain the scalp health. It keeps the scalp squeaky clean and helps restore the pH balance of hair and scalp maintaining the overall scalp health.

  • Prevents hair fall- Tripahala has its name known for its anti hair fall properties. Hair fall is a common havoc, and is now prevalent even in kids. Triphala comes to the rescue by not just promoting hair growth but also by strengthening the hair follicles and thus preventing hair fall.

If you are surprised by the list of benefits and can’t believe it, then you can try out Triphala Hair Cleanser for your kids and experience its goodness yourself.

Get the potent Triphala hair Cleanser for your munchkin from Herby Angel’s organic hair care range.

This doctor formulated hair cleanser is made with certified organic ingredients which beautifully work to give your kiddo a clean scalp and strong hair.

Our hair cleanser is a boost of powerful ingredients which work wonderfully to give magical results :

Triphala reduces scalp itchiness and stimulates healthy hair growth

Aloe vera to soothe the scalp

Mulethi which wonderfully works as a conditioner 

Reetha that deeply cleanses the scalp to leave it fresh and nourished

We swear by natural ingredients and so the cleanser is SLS/SLES free, parabens free and toxins free. It is best suitable for a kid's sensitive skin.

Now give your little one a happy tear free bathing experience with our gentle Triphala Hair Cleanser.

Mommies and daddies get this vogue product for your little ones and give them the ultimate care with this traditional treasure.

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