a wonder oil for baby body massage

Bala Ashwagandhadi oil - a wonder oil for baby body massage

Bala Ashwagandhadi oil - a wonder oil for baby body massage

Can you reminisce the memory of your granny giving an oil massage to an infant? This age-old practice became a ritual because of scientifically backed reasons. The birthing process puts a toll on both the mother and the baby, which leads to vata imbalance in the body.

One of the best ways to balance vata dosha is by regularly giving abhyanga or body massage to the baby.


This daily ritual beautifully enhances the relationship between the baby and mother. The skin to skin touch in the body massage helps the baby bond well with the mother and makes them feel more protected and comfortable in their presence. It comes along with a lot more health benefits which truly indicates the holistic essence of Ayurveda.

While giving a baby body massage in the correct way is of utmost importance, the significance of picking the right oil can’t be stressed upon enough. The right oil enhances the benefits of abhyanga by manifolds and there is no better way than to pick up an organic oil for your munchkin. Herby Angel’s Bala Ashwagandhadi oil is a classical Ayurvedic formulation, prepared with organic herbs with utmost hygiene and under strict quality checks to give your baby the goodness they truly deserve.

Here is more on why organic Bala Ashwagandhadi Oil is best suitable for babies-

  • It is designed such that it suits the sensitive skin of babies & can be used on all skin types.
  • It's free from toxins & chemicals and is made with 100% natural, organic ingredients.
  • Our oil is made as per classical Ayurvedic texts, using 21 very potent certified organic herbs.
  • The ingredients used in the oil have their own unique and therapeutic properties.
    -Bala helps to increase bone strength.
    -Ashwagandha enhances muscle power.
    -Ushira soothes skin irritation.
    -Red sandalwood improves the skin texture.
    -Sesame oil deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • This elixir helps improve a baby's cognitive skills, calms the mind and promotes deep sleep.

The reasons why you should make abhyanga a part of your baby’s day -

  • Lowers the chances of jaundice- Baby body massage reduces bilirubin levels in the blood (it is the compound which causes jaundice). Massage eases bowel movements, which helps eliminate excess bilirubin from the blood through feces. 
  • Reduces colic pain - Babies often experience colic pains, which can be relieved by body massage. A gentle pressure and slight vibration that comes along with massage soothes the baby and eases colic pains.
  • Promotes deep sleep- Massage is a calming experience for the baby if gently done using mild pressure. You may pair the ritual with dhupana karma (fumigation with herbs and soothing natural florals fragrances) to make it even more relaxing.
  • Improve blood circulation- This strengthens and helps in regulating the primary systems - circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system etc, thus promoting better functioning of the body.
  • Helps get rid of accumulated toxins- Baby body massage helps in improving circulation which in turn helps the organs perform their natural detoxifying function in a better manner. This helps in getting rid of accumulated toxins in a better way. 

The ideal step-by-step guide to baby body massage


Step 1- Apply some oil to the fontanelle and massage until it's completely absorbed.

Step 2- Gradually, apply the oil to the entire body using mild pressure.

Step 3- Direct the strokes towards the heart as blood flows in that direction.

Step 4- For hands and feet, stroke from bottom to top.

Step 5- Massage the elbows and knees in a circular motion.

Step 6- Massage the back from bottom to top and the abdomen in a circular motion from right to left.

Step 7- While giving the infant a massage, briefly stretch their arms and legs.

Step 8- Lightly massage the area around the eyes and nose from bottom to top.


The do’s and don'ts of baby body massage:


  • Give the baby body massage preferably during daytime, so that they do not feel cold.
  • Body massage should be given on an empty stomach.
  • Bathe the baby with lukewarm water, half an hour to one hour after giving the massage.
  • Cover the baby such that they don’t feel cold while getting a massage.
  • The nails of the person giving the massage should be trimmed, so that the baby doesn’t get hurt. 


  • Never put pressure while massaging the baby.
  • Don’t massage right after feeding the baby.
  • Avoid massaging the baby when they have a cold, cough, fever or diarrhea.

So don’t wait and start off with daily body massage for your baby to make them stronger, brighter and sharper.

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