Which music to listen in pregnancy-Herby Angel

Which music to listen in pregnancy-Herby Angel

Which music to listen in pregnancy-Herby Angel

You might be aware of the fact that whatever you do during your pregnancy affects your baby. Whether you read books, listen to music, or talk to your baby. This is because, by the end of the 25th week of pregnancy, the ears of the baby develop. This enables them to hear and even react to the sounds outside. 

Should You Listen to Music During Pregnancy?

Music is no less than therapy, and for some people, it is an emotion. They can't go even a day without music. 

It has now been proven that listening to music during pregnancy helps in the brain development of the baby. It has a positive impact on your unborn baby and helps you feel relaxed. So yes, you can definitely listen to music when you're pregnant.

But when you're pregnant, it is evident to be confused about the kind of music you should listen to. Let’s find out which type of music is appropriate to listen to during pregnancy.  

Which Music to Listen to During Pregnancy? 

Now that you know listening to music is good for your unborn baby, you should also know which music to listen to during your pregnancy. 

We think that Ayurveda is the best guide to finding your perfect music during pregnancy. 

Here's everything Ayurveda says about the music you should listen to during your pregnancy.

So, the first and foremost thing to take care of is not to listen to loud, rock music during your pregnancy. Rather, listen to some soft, lofi, and soulful songs. Spiritual music is the best option. 

In fact, certain songs exist solely to soothe the pregnant woman and aid in the development of the baby.

Classical music, especially the sound of the flute (Krishna’s flute), is considered the best music for babies in Ayurveda. It has some really positive impacts on your baby.

The Advantages of Listening to Music While Pregnant 

To your surprise, something as simple as music can help you in many ways during your pregnancy. So here are some of the ways in which music can help you and your unborn baby during pregnancy. 

  • Reduce Stress or Anxiety
  • Stress and anxiety are the common problems that almost every woman faces during pregnancy. This is due to the change in hormonal levels of the body, which is an explicit part of pregnancy. 

    Listening to music can really help you overcome this stress and anxiety, which is good for you and your unborn baby. Listening to music keeps you busy and, especially the music suggested for pregnancy, helps you stay positive. So, whenever you feel low during your pregnancy, music can be a go-to option. 

  • Helps In the Development of the Baby
  • Listening to music during pregnancy helps in the development of the foetus. The baby tries to react to the music he or she hears from outside the womb. This urge to react makes them move. 

    This way, music plays a role in the increased movement of the baby, which fosters the overall development of the baby.

  • Boost the Auditory Senses 
  • You might find it weird and wonder how this is possible. But this is true, believed by Ayurveda and proved by science.

    When you listen to the music, the baby focuses and tries to listen to it as well. The sound inside the womb is not the same as outside, so he or she concentrates to get the lowest sound wave. This sharpens their reflexes and improves their concentration and auditory skills.

  • Helps Soothe Baby Postpartum 
  • If you regularly listen to soft music during your pregnancy, it gets to the baby as well. It calms not only your mind but also the foetus. Constantly listening to music makes your foetus familiar with it. 

    This is the best thing that you can use to calm your baby postpartum. The baby becomes used to the soft music even before birth. So, when the baby feels reckless or is uncomfortable, he/ she might respond positively to some sounds they are already familiar with.

  • Keeps The Mind and Environment Positive 
  • Listening to soft music during pregnancy creates a positive environment. Spiritual music like mantras, slokas, and hymns attract a lot of positivity towards your environment. This positivity flows into your minds as well as to your growing foetus as well. This enhances your bond and enables you to nurture your pregnancy even more. 

    We hope by now you know how impactful music can be during pregnancy. Hence, it's your time to create your own playlist filled with the right music to make your pregnancy even better.

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