Meditation during Pregnancy

Meditation during Pregnancy

Meditation during Pregnancy

Meditation is something that can never go wrong. Whether you're suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally, meditation can calm you down in every situation. It relaxes your body and gives you the energy to kickstart things. 

As mentioned in Ayurveda, meditation is a healing practice that helps discover inner peace and connect with oneself. 

Saying so, meditation is also very beneficial to practice during pregnancy.  

Why Meditate During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the phase during which your body goes through various hormonal changes. This boost in the level of hormones might lead to many changes in your body. 

Meditation helps you cope with such situations and keeps you calm and positive during your pregnancy.

Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

Meditation helps you in various ways during your pregnancy by maintaining your blood pressure level, hormonal levels and most importantly, keeping your mind calm. Some of the reasons why you must meditate during pregnancy are discussed further in the blog. 

  •   Helps maintain normal heart rate and blood pressure

The very fact that high blood pressure is a severe concern for many pregnant women is itself worrying. About 6-8 % of pregnant women face high blood pressure or an increased heart rate during pregnancy. This might become an eternal issue. 

The major causes of high blood pressure can be stress or overthinking during pregnancy, having a history of gestational high blood pressure or even a gain in weight. 

Meditation helps the mind to calm down and eases stress. This reduces the chance of hypertension and might prevent high blood pressure. Also, in the case of gestational high blood pressure, meditation helps maintain the level of blood pressure.

  •   Helps Boost Immunity

Meditation helps you boost your immunity in several ways.

 Meditating regularly during your pregnancy reduces the cravings for junk food. This in turn leads to healthy eating habits that make immune systems strong and build immunity. Consequently, the body becomes more resistant to infections and other communicable viruses. 

The other way is that meditation during pregnancy helps you sleep more soundly. A lot of pregnant women find it difficult to fall asleep. This has a major effect on their immune systems and hence on the baby's health. 

Meditation leads you to fall asleep faster and ensures a good sleep routine, boosting your immunity.

  •   Helps Increase the Life force

Life force or 'prana' is considered a cosmic form of energy in Ayurveda that makes life possible. So, during pregnancy, you need a lot of extra energy to provide for the proper growth of the baby. 

Meditation during pregnancy can help you get that life force, the extra energy that can be very beneficial for the growth of baby and mother as well. 

  •   Helps maintain mental and emotional stability

Ayurveda suggests keeping in balance 'Apana Vata’, of the downward flowing energy in the body. The flow of this energy is responsible for the emotional behaviour of humans. 

Meditating regularly during your pregnancy helps you achieve and maintain a proper level of this energy. This ensures you do not become emotionally vulnerable or overthink too much, which might hamper the perfect growth of the baby. 

Simply put, meditation provides a level of mental and emotional stability during pregnancy to ensure the good growth of the baby. 

  •   Helps stay positive 

The amount of calmness and endurance that meditation provides is impeccable. It soothes the mind in such a way that a person can notice it even physically. 

As the mind becomes calm, the functioning of the body gets more synchronised, making it very pleasant for a mom to be. 

A calm mind also brings a lot of positivity that surely helps get through your pregnancy in the healthiest state. This positivity adds a lot to the overall development of the baby. 

  •   Helps establish a connection with the baby 

All the positivity and calmness that meditation brings to you leads you towards mindfulness. This gives you a better sense of the growth of your baby within. 

This establishes a deeper understanding and connection between you and your baby. 

Since everything during pregnancy depends upon your good health, be it physical, emotional, or mental, meditation helps with it all immensely. Just an hour a day for yourself not only makes your pregnancy better and healthier but also prevents a lot of complications. 

The best part is there are no side effects of the same and it even pays you postpartum. 

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