5 Ways to Manage Anxiety While Trying to Conceive

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety While Trying to Conceive

“Don’t worry, Relax!” they say, not knowing that this is the last thing that someone who is trying to conceive wants to hear. 

Does it happen that you seemingly experience pregnancy symptoms but it turns out to be nothing, making you anxious? You don’t have to worry because we've got you covered with the best tips to handle this. Conception is complex and although for some people it is smooth, but others may not be able to conceive even after putting in lots of effort. Trying and not getting results is what takes a toll on emotional health.

The anxiety is real and sometimes, it might even turn into depression if not addressed or taken care of. The obsession to have a baby can even lead you to doubting your own or your partner’s fertility. But, the good news is that it is seldom related to fertility. Mostly it is bad timing, stress or other issues which can be controlled and cured if you acknowledge and work on them.

Here are the tips that will equip you with the right knowledge on handling anxiety and staying calm.  

        1. STICK TO A ROUTINE - 

Most people have a haphazard life which is the foremost reason behind vitiated vāta in the body and causes stress and impedes fertility. If you stick to a Dinacharya which is in tune with nature, it will keep you in a calm state.

Foundation of Ayurveda Dinacharya-

  • Eat according to sunrise and sunset during particular time windows.
  • Sleeping at a fixed time (preferably within 2-3 hours of sunset)
  • Wake up in Brahma muhurta (it begins 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise, and ends 48 minutes after sunrise.)


Getting your period while trying to conceive is probably the most heart wrenching feeling. But knowing in detail about your menstruation cycle will help in easy conception. You can precisely mark the window while you are ovulating and try to conceive in that time. This is a good way to increase your chances of conception but you should not get obsessed with the dates as it may cause even more stress.

       3. DO WHAT YOU LOVE- 

Give yourself a break from any stress and try to engage yourself in something that gives a pause to your anxious thoughts and relaxes your mind. For once, do those things that you love to do, this will uplift your mood and relieve stress. So play any instrument , dance your heart out to your favorite song, cook your favorite meal, spend time with your partner and family or do anything else that makes you feel good.

        4. DITCH STRESS- 

Stress is another factor that leads to infertility. Stress increases because of elevated vāta levels in the body. Practicing calming meditations and yoga, along with regular body massages are great ways to lower down stress levels.

        5. QUIT ADDICTIONS- 

Any kind of addiction is bad for health, be it caffeine, smoking or drinking alcohol. These addictions have damaging effects on the body. Because of any addiction it will be harder for you to conceive as these substances impede implantation in the uterus and, after conception the chances of mis-carriage or under-development of the fetus will be more.

Following these 5 simple ways, you can ensure to stay happy and stress free and that is the first and foremost step towards fertility. Anxiety about trying to conceive is natural but it's important to not let it overpower you. 

Quick Tip

Whenever you get anxious, be mindful about it, acknowledge that it is happening, calm yourself down by talking to your spouse or anyone you can rely on or simply start journaling about it. Sometimes, it is the simple way that helps the most. To feel the difference ,bring lifestyle modifications in regular practice, and we assure you that you'll be a lot happier and healthier. 

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