Miraculous benefits of Amla for little ones

Miraculous benefits of Amla for little ones

Miraculous benefits of Amla for little ones

During childhood days, our parents frequently persuaded us to eat plenty of amla candies. Although many of us didn’t like the candies primarily due to their sour flavor, but Amla has a plethora of benefits.

The finest superfood and outstanding supplement which can be consumed by kids of any age is -  Amla.

Amla is a key component of Chyawanprash and one of the ingredients of Triphala in Ayurveda, the renowned Immunomodulator which is higher in L-ascorbic acid than an orange? Thus, amla that is available in a variety of forms, for example, candy, pickle, or powder can be included in the diet to help in increasing immunity thereby preventing many diseases.

Benefits of Amla

  • Helps fight diseases:

  • Owing to its antioxidant properties, it enables your kid to fight against various respiratory disorders such as the common cold and cough. Certain scientific studies have also confirmed that it is immensely beneficial in fighting against bronchitis and asthma. Hence there is no reason to avoid amla from your Child’s diet.

  • Rich source of Vitamin C:

  • It has been profoundly demonstrated that Amla is extremely rich in vitamin C which also nourishes your Child’s skin. Several studies have also reported the beneficial effect of Amla in controlling levels of hemoglobin, eyesight improvement, absorption of iron and protection of various cells that helps in living a healthy lifestyle for your kids.

  • Immunity Booster: 

  • It is very well reported that vitamin C aids in increasing immunity hence consuming amla on a daily basis will help the kid. Amla can be a boon for your kids as strong immunity will help your kid to fight different infections and avoid getting ill.

  • Digestion:

  • Chromium present in the Amla is the principal ingredient behind its beneficial properties of it in aiding indigestion. Chromium is a rare element that helps in increasing digestive power thereby removing any indigestion. Likewise, it also helps your kid’s eating problem and promotes hunger so that your kid gets the proper nutrition.

  • Good Eyesight and skin:

  • Amla is also extremely rich in carotene and vitamin C which are also reported to be great for healthy skin and eyesight.

  • Hair care:

  • As per ancient Ayurvedic literature, Amla has therapeutic properties, and he is extremely beneficial for hair care. It is also reported to help in preventing dandruff itching and other hair-related problems. Hence it is a great idea to include amla in your kid’s diet.

  • Antibacterial properties:

  • Amla is also full of antibacterial properties which can help your kid to fight day-to-day infections and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

  • Weight gainer:

  • Since Amla is a natural appetite booster and also helps in improving the digestion process of the kid hence consuming amla on a daily basis will also help in increasing the weight of your kid.

    Fun facts about the miracle fruit -

    • Amla/Indian gooseberry is found in India and Nepal. The name finds its root in the Sanskrit language from the word “amlaki” which implies “sustainer”. This light green fruit is considered a wonder fruit according to ayurvedic literature and has been extensively used in Ayurveda, Unani, and several other traditional alternate therapies for millennia.

    • Amla is the principal ingredient in an extremely strong herbal medicine “Triphala”. It is likewise utilized widely in the preparation of “Chyawanprash” which is utilized in India as a dietary supplement to enhance immunity. In Ayurveda, it was believed to help increase the life of an individual, increase concentration, relieve constipation, and reduce respiratory issues. As demonstrated by a recent report by scientists from McGill University, Montreal, Canada “Anticancer properties of Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian gooseberry)” extracts of amla have tumor-killing characteristics. It likewise controls sugar levels, helps in preventing premature graying of hairs, and so forth.

    • According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, amalaki Rasayan is a beneficial nourishment for the brain that enhances mental capacity and balances dhi, dhriti, and smriti—learning, retention, and remembering. It is also a great tonic for the eyes since it benefits Alochaka Pitta, the Pitta subdosha that controls eyesight.
    • Amla is renowned  for calming Pitta dosha. Amla reduces heat in the body, mind, and emotions, enhances resistance to stress, and fosters inner strength and stability by calming Pitta dosha. Amla's capacity to calm Pitta also contributes to its ability to control stomach acid. Amla assists women in balancing the elements involved in menstruation. Amla is beneficial for preserving the health of the reproductive system in both men and women.

    Making this fruit a part of your diet is a terrific idea because it can benefit youngsters in tiny amounts. Also keep in mind that during the season, attempt to use them fresh and give your numerous recipes a tart flavor. However, make sure to properly preserve it if you intend to utilize it later.

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