Benefits of Chyawanprash for Kids

Benefits of Chyawanprash for Kids

Benefits of Chyawanprash for Kids

Chyawanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy from ancient India that includes a range of herbs, herbal extracts, and purified minerals. The amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis) serves as the main component; additional herbs, ghee, sesame oil, cane sugar, and honey are typically used. It functions as an immune system booster to provide kids with the necessary fortitude and shield them from viral diseases. Additionally, it improves the brain's capacity and natural skills. Because of the potent antioxidant and vitamin C content of this nutritious herbal jam, the Ayurvedic culture has long used it as a dependable source of vigour and revitalization. This dish's base is the amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis), and it commonly incorporates extra herbs, ghee, sesame oil, cane sugar, and honey.

Due to its high antioxidant and vitamin C content, the Ayurvedic tradition has long depended on this nutritious herbal jam as a consistent source of vigor and regeneration. It strengthens the immune system, gives you energy, and nourishes and tones the entire body. One of the best family tonics in Ayurveda, chyavanprash is recommended for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. It also balances the kapha, pitta, and vata doshas.

What effect does Chyawanprash have on the body?

  • Strengthens the body:
    Chyawanprash is a very fatty, hefty, nutritious, and anabolic supplement. It also enhances ojas and gives vigor to vata, keeping the system balanced, nourished, and toned. It promotes strength as well as mass without disturbing kapha.
  • Removes toxins:
    Amalaki supports the blood, liver, spleen, and respiratory system; aids in the clearance of ama (toxins); and nourishes and defends the body's natural defenses. The system as a whole gets nourished and revitalized by this well-known rasayana.
  • Improves digestion:
    Without provoking pitta, chyavanprash activates agni, the digestive fire, in a healthy manner. Chyavanprash contains five of the six tastes; only the salty taste is absent. According to Ayurveda, taste is the first step in digestion.
  • Medicinal effects:
    The honey, ghee, and sesame oil act as yogavahis (catalytic agents) to safeguard the main ingredient, amalaki, while the sugar acts as a samvahaka dravya (preservative substance) to help maintain the medicinal efficacy of the main ingredient. 


Chyawanprash also supports the body of adults and kids in the following ways:

    • Supports healthy immune system:
      Chyavanprash, which is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, supports a healthy immune system and strengthens the body's defenses. It supports the body's natural ability to produce hemoglobin and white blood cells.
    • Promotes healthy growth:
      It promotes strength and vitality. It also encourages the development of lean, healthy muscle mass. The tissues are given new life. It is known as a rasayana, or rejuvenating substance, because it strengthens and nourishes all of the body's tissues, keeping them youthful and promoting general health and welfare.
    • Improves memory:
      According to conventional wisdom, chyavanprash nurtures and protects ojas, the essence of vitality, which supports healthy aging and fosters attractiveness, wisdom, and memory.
  • Strengthens respiratory system:
  • Supports the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of kids specially. It is particularly good for the lungs since it nourishes the mucous membranes and helps to maintain clear respiratory passages.

    • Good for gut health:
      It promotes regular excretion and bowel motions. By enhancing a healthy digestive fire and toning the GI tract, it aids proper digestion, elution, and metabolism.


    Avoid it if you know you have an allergy to Emblica officinalis, any other Phyllanthus species, or any other chyavanprash ingredient. For pitta types or those with pitta imbalances, chyavanprash may be heated while it's hot outside. It is not recommended in cases of diarrhea or indigestion. Proceed with caution if you have hypoglycemia or are on anticoagulant or antiplatelet medication. If you currently take any sort of prescription medication, it is best to see your doctor before starting a herbal regimen.

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