What to expect when the baby comes?

What to expect when the baby comes?

What to expect when the baby comes?

What To Expect When the Baby Comes?

It is truly said that the mother is born with the baby! From pregnancy to the moment your baby is born, your life takes a turn, and everything changes dramatically. You will observe every single moment of your life revolving around your little one. Everything from your food habits, your body to your routine goes through changes. But as a new mom, every woman adapts to these changes swiftly.


What to Expect?

The body changes after pregnancy physically. The emotional and mental health also gets affected at times and some women even get postpartum depression. There may be a few challenges and a roller coaster of emotions. But remember that every mother has been through them and you are not alone. If you struggle any time, remind yourself that it is just a phase, which will pass soon. Embrace your motherhood and feel the joy of bringing a new life to existence.


Change in every dimension of life

You can expect everything to change once the baby comes into this world. There may be a few things that might not change, but most of them surely will. 

Physical Changes

The body changes after pregnancy. You might be conscious of the changes that take place post partum due to breastfeeding and other reasons. You will also notice a lot of hair fall and weakness.

Ayurveda suggests a proper regime to deal with these changes, cope with the postpartum and regain energy and health, all naturally, without any scope of adverse effects.

Emotional Changes

Since the hormonal level changes during pregnancy and postpartum, you can expect a lot of emotional ups and downs during this phase. 

Self-doubt, negative thoughts and uncertainty are the things that will be just one shot away. All you need to do is focus on yourself and the baby. 

Ayurveda suggests creating a peaceful and positive environment for a stable mental health. Practice meditation or anything else that works the best for you to get a calmer mind.


Changes in your daily routine 

This is the most obvious change that everyone notices, no matter how much you schedule your day, the chances are that it will not go as planned. This is because the baby's schedule keeps changing, and you need to adjust yours according to them. 

While it might be tough to manage taking up your other priorities, ensure to not miss or delay any regular check-ups for you and your baby. 

Change your thought process 

As you become a mother, everything in your head revolves around the baby. You can notice calmness, subtlety in your behaviour and see an increased patience level.


Postpartum Pain

You might feel pain even after delivering the baby. After the baby is born, the uterus begins to shrink back to its pre- pregnancy state, causing stomach cramps. The uterus doesn't shrink right after the baby is delivered, and takes around six weeks to get back to its normal size.


  • Lack of energy

  • Once you deliver the baby, you might feel tired and low on energy for the first few weeks. This is because the body goes through heavy blood loss during labour and during the process of delivering the baby. 

    Also, you might notice vaginal discharge after giving birth. This is another reason for your body to feel weak, and can make you feel tired.

    Taking appropriate nutrition in the form of dry fruits, herbs, etc and keeping yourself hydrated can get you through this phase with ease. 

  • Attention

  • During pregnancy, you become the centre of attraction. For the whole nine months, everyone is just around you and everything happens as per your wish. 

    But as the baby comes, they become the centre of attraction. It's not that people will side-line you, but it's a fact that they will be more engaged with the baby. You should be prepared for this and not feel negative about it. 

    You'll even enjoy a good time postpartum when your family or friends will get you healthy things to eat, and take in consideration your comfort and schedule.

    These were some changes you can expect to see. But the best thing, which is over and above everything else, is the joy you'll feel while holding your baby.

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