Rekindle your love as partners after having a baby

Rekindle your love as partners after having a baby

Rekindle your love as partners after having a baby

A baby becoming the center of attraction for everyone is not uncommon. As soon as the baby is born, everyone close to them, especially both the parents, makes the baby their priority. Everything revolves around the baby and in all of this the couple often faces a lack of intimacy.

Both the parents get involved in the upbringing of the baby in their own ways, so much so that they overlook their partner at times. This is common for first time parents. 

Couples say that marriage and relationships lose their charm after having a baby. Everything becomes more about them than about each other. They primarily see themselves as the ones responsible for the baby's duties. 

This dip in the intimacy and relationships of people makes the desire for other people less. 

To overcome such impacts and reconnect with your partner, you can follow some of the tips given in the article. But before you get to it you should first know the reasons for the lack of intimacy. 

Possible reasons why your connection at a toss

Some of the major reasons for the lack of intimacy between a couple during pregnancy are:

  • Change in priority:
    Not every couple feels this, but many out there have complaints about time and priority. They say that after the birth of the baby, the parents are more involved with them and have hardly any time for them. 

The fact that life as a couple faces golf after the birth of a baby is very true and cannot be avoided to a great extent. Babies require a lot of extra time and attention, and they are also very unpredictable.

In such cases, the couples start to fall apart and also face a lack of intimacy. 

  • Physical Changes:
    The body of a female undergoes many changes during pregnancy and even after postpartum. They might not look the way they used to and do not carry themselves the same way. 

There is a lot of responsibility for a new mother or a new parent to be discharged. In such conditions, parents mostly choose comfort over fashion. If the partner enjoys dressing up and is attracted to physical appearance, they may be turned off.

Even though this case is very unacceptable and hurtful, this has happened in a lot of cases.

Lack of sexual intimacy:
In many cases, the pregnant female is restricted from having any kind of sexual intercourse due to the health of the baby and proper nourishment of the fetus. Even if it is not restricted, females are often less enthusiastic about engaging in sexual activities.

Therefore, during pregnancy the sexual life of the couple even dies. This leads to a reduction in attraction and decreased intimacy even after the baby is born. 

Overcoming the challenges

Lack of intimacy in a couple might not sound that big, but from a couple's perspective, it is quite an issue. Lack of intimacy might be an indication of you and your partner falling out of love or less interested in each other. Intimacy plays a key role in a happily blooming relationship.

Here's what you can do to avoid this intimacy drift between you and your partner.

  • Have strong communication throughout:
    Communication is the key to tackling even the biggest problems between two people. If you and you keep on sharing your thoughts and ideas, the chances of you both falling out of love are very small. 

Also, never let your ego get in the way. If you feel anything is not going right, talk about it. 

  • Discuss everything:
    Being clear about the duties and responsibilities that come with the baby and your share of them makes it easy to plan and manage things accordingly. Moreover, if both parents shared the responsibility, no one would be burdened and they would get time to spend with each other. 

  • Never ignore your partner:
    No matter how occupied you're getting, never discontinue some of your basic rituals. Every couple had their own. It might be a morning kiss, a see-off hug, or just simply praising each other. This keeps the relationship healthy and the love intact. 

  • Small gestures:
    When you're burdened by responsibilities and don't have time, even the smallest gestures count. Make sure you express your love for the other person without fail and try to get personal time at least once a week. You don't need to take out a whole day, just a few hours of being with each other would do a lot. 

So this was all about the reasons and mindset behind the reduced intimacy between couples after a baby and how partners can overcome it even with the smallest effort. 

Hope this has given you a better understanding of where your relationship is lacking and how to take control of it.

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