7 Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

7 Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

7 Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

Food and nutrition is of utmost importance during pregnancy. Modern medicine keeps a count of calorie intake and nutrition, but the age-old Ayurveda says that there is a lot more to it. Everything you eat affects your prakruti along with your overall bodily constitution. The harmony among the three doshas (vāta, pitta and kapha) is what keeps a person healthy. 

There are high chances of dosha imbalance in pregnant women because of excessive hormonal fluctuations. Therefore it is crucial to consume the right food during the right stage of pregnancy to ensure good health of the mother and baby post-pregnancy.

Here are 7 superfoods which work wonders for pregnant ladies and help them walk through this crucial phase of their life with ease.

Water Chestnut (Singhoda)

Consuming 1 tablespoon of dry singhoda powder with lukewarm milk and ghee is very beneficial for pregnant women. This is highly recommended to be consumed during the 1st trimester because it is a garbhasthapan food (stabilizes the fetus). Since the fetus is unstable during the early months of pregnancy, therefore having singhoda or water chestnut is advised.


Rice with milk is one of the most powerful combinations in Ayurveda. Vaidyas recommend consuming rice with milk more frequently during the 3rd month as early meals of the day. It strengthens the implantation and has sweet and cooling properties which help to stabilize the fetus and fix placenta. The combination is also consumed judiciously in the 6th month when power of perception starts functioning. Development of mental faculties and neurological connections is also facilitated by having rice with milk.


Milk and Milk products (Dugdha varga)

Milk, ghee, butter, paneer, buttermilk, curd, cheese, shrikhand, ice-creams can be consumed during pregnancy. Cow's milk and ghee is a boon for expecting mothers. Remember to not mix fruits with any dairy product, as they produce ama (toxins) in the body according to Ayurveda.



Contrary to the common belief, consuming banana with milk is not a healthy combination and should be strictly avoided by pregnant women. Banana by itself or with ghee or figs is considered very potent. Consuming bananas improves the blood quality and quantity hence prevents anemia during pregnancy to a great extent.



Dates are power-packed with nutrients for mother and baby. Regular consumption of 4-6 dates soaked overnight in fresh cow’s milk, helps facilitate better blood and bone development in the fetus. Additionally, a pinch of cardamom powder and a teaspoon of honey in ground dates and milk makes a delicious and healthy milkshake for pregnant women.


Garden cress seeds (Chandrasura)

These seeds should be consumed during the last months of pregnancy and by the lactating mothers. Mix roasted chandrasur seeds in cow’s ghee, milk and sugar and consume it as a tonic during pregnancy. This concoction is an amazing strengthener and rejuvenator.



Consuming spinach in any form during pregnancy is safe. It is a natural detoxifier that clears the blood of impurities. Fresh juice has the capability to increase breast milk and prevent debility after delivery. Regular consumption of spinach prevents chances of abortion and haemorrhage.

Other than these, consuming a well-balanced diet, rich in whole cereals, millets, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables works well for the overall health of pregnant women. The key to a smooth gestation period and delivery is a healthy lifestyle. 

So take care and enjoy this beautiful phase of life to the fullest!

P.S: To know about your Prakruti, take the self assessment test now and know about the dietary and lifestyle modifications specific to your prakruti!

For any other questions, you can consult our specialist Ayurveda doctor and get personalized advice. 

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