Know how to Toilet Train your Tiny Tots

Know how to Toilet Train your Tiny Tots

Know how to Toilet Train your Tiny Tots

Potty training babies can appear as an overwhelming task, but there is nothing much to be stressed about. Eventually the baby will learn this as they’ll grow. But, most parents are concerned about using diapers as they cause discomfort and rashes at times, and hence want to imbibe the skill as soon as possible.

What is the best age to start toilet training?

There is no perfect age to start potty training. In some cases, the kid starts using the toilet at 18 months, whereas in others, this period may extend to as long as four years. However, the age at which most kids start potty training ranges between 18 to 30 months.

You can identify from these indications, if your baby is ready for potty training:

  • Your kid follows basic instructions like going to the bathroom, being able to sit on the toilet seat and removing their pants.
  • Your kid communicates when the diaper is wet and says that it makes them uncomfortable. It is a strong indication that your baby is ready for toilet training.
  • Your kid tells you when they get nature's call.
  • Your kid starts showing interest in using the toilet seat.

You should avoid starting potty training during the following times:

  • When you are travelling.
  • Moving to a new location.
  • When the birth of a sibling is nearby.

How to begin toilet training

Make a schedule for the training

It is essential to take your baby to the toilet after waking up, before going out anywhere, before bedtime and every two hours throughout the day. Make them sit on the toilet seat for a few minutes and ask them to remove the underwear or shorts before sitting on the toilet seat. You can also tell them to play games while pooping if you think they need more time to poop.

Appreciation and rewards

Mistakes are bound to happen when the child is undergoing toilet training. Some kids might wet their beds during the night even till 5-6 years of age. It is awful to punish your kid for wetting their pants; instead, show them your compassion and ease their learning process. To appreciate their learning, you can praise them and give them a reward, every time they complete the process without hiccups.

Proper hygiene

It is important to inculcate hygiene practices in your child while potty training them. Teach them to properly flush the toilet even if they don’t pass the stool, and wash their hands with soap for at least 30 seconds. You can make this activity enjoyable by giving your child different coloured soaps.

Know that potty training is a time-consuming activity:

Though all the parents wish to finish this activity within no time, but it is suggested to be patient while potty training the kids as these habits will remain with them throughout their life.

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