How To Make Parenting Stress-Free With Pre-Planned Newborn Essentials

How To Make Parenting Stress-Free With Pre-Planned Newborn Essentials

How To Make Parenting Stress-Free With Pre-Planned Newborn Essentials

Parenthood begins the moment you get to know that you have conceived a baby. The emotions associated with your newborns are indescribable and something that can only be felt and not explained. The initial years are filled with joy, wonder, and, of course, a touch of overwhelming new responsibilities. It's natural to want everything to be perfect for your little one, and even if you might be doing everything right, the constant ifs and buts in your head will not let you be stress-free!  This new chapter of parenthood is nothing less than a beautiful chaos. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. This guide will equip you with a list of newborn essentials that will help you navigate those first few precious months with confidence. We'll focus on practical solutions, address common concerns, and even introduce you to some of Herby Angel's products that can help relieve stress in the early days of parenthood.

Newborn Essentials To Make Parenting a Breeze

I am sure as a parent you must have surfed through endless newborn essentials in the market which can make it hard to know where to start. All you need is the following newborn essentials. 

1. Focus on Function, Not Frills

We know it's tempting to fill your nursery with every adorable gadget ever invented but you are creating a haven for comfort, not clutter. So, resist this urge. The urge to transform your nursery into a Pinterest-perfect haven is strong, we get it!  You want adorable stuffed animals lining the shelves, the latest trendy crib set, and a gadget for every conceivable "what-if" scenario. But before you get swept away remember that practicality is key!

Here's where your focus should be: 

  • Safe Sleep Station: We don’t want to burst your bubble but it is time you forget about fancy crib sets with elaborate comforters. The most important thing is a firm crib mattress with a fitted sheet that meets safety regulations. This ensures a comfortable and safe sleep environment for your precious little one. A breathable crib bumper can offer some peace of mind, especially for new parents, but remember to remove it by the time your baby can roll over to avoid any suffocation risks.
  • Diapering Essentials: This is a non-negotiable. Stock up on diapers and wipes, but don't go overboard on sizes as newborns grow quickly! You should go for Organic Wet Wipes like Herby Angel’s Ultra Gentle Baby Wet Wipes. They are made from 100% organic bamboo. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin.It also provides soothing relief to irritated and itchy skin and helps in maintaining pH balance. So you can avoid rashes, redness, dry and cracked skin with these wipes.
    Herby Angel’s Baby Diaper Rash Cream is another great option to opt for. It is a gentle blend of organic herbs that calms redness and irritation, It also promotes healing while gently moisturizing the skin. A great plus point of purchasing Herby Angel’s Baby Diaper Rash Cream is that it has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent future inflammations
  • Feeding Gear: Whether you breastfeed, bottle-feed, or a combination of both, you'll need some feeding accessories handy. You will need bottles, nipples of different sizes, and flow rates to accommodate growth are best. You will also need a sterilizer as it can be a time-saver.
    Burp cloths and bibs are your essential feeding team. Opt for bottles with easy-to-clean parts and bibs with wipeable surfaces, you'll thank yourself later! You can also get a breast pump but it's totally optional.
  • Comfy Clothes: Forget about fancy outfits with tiny buttons and intricate details. Soft, easy-to-put-on onesies made of breathable fabrics like hemp, and cotton, in various sizes are your friend. They'll make those late-night diaper changes a breeze and a little less stressful as well. Opt for neutral colors and skip the designer labels as blowouts happen regularly with babies and you don't want to be heartbroken over a milk stain on a precious outfit. Think comfort, functionality, and ease of cleaning, these are your mantras for the early days!

2. Keep Soothing Solutions Handy

Newborns cry! The sooner you accept this fact you can work on solutions to calm them down in such situations. Crying is their only way to communicate their needs. 

Here are some items to help comfort your little one and keep your own stress levels in check:

  • Swaddles: These create a cozy, womb-like feeling for newborns, which can promote better sleep and reduce fussiness. Look for breathable fabric and adjustable swaddles that allow for safe hip development.
  • Sound Machine: White noise can be a magical soother for babies. It masks startling sounds that might disrupt sleep and provides a calming, familiar ambiance. Invest in a sound machine with adjustable volume and different sound options. Experiment with white noise, nature sounds like gentle rain, ocean waves, or even soft lullabies to see what works best for your little one.
  • Baby Carrier: A good baby carrier is a game-changer. It allows you to keep your baby close while getting things done, whether it's folding laundry, preparing dinner, or simply enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. The closeness and gentle rocking motion can be incredibly calming for a fussy baby. Plus, it frees up your hands – a true win-win! Look for a carrier that's comfortable for both you and your baby, with adjustable straps and proper support for their head and neck.

Additionally, technology can be your good friend, especially when it comes to peace of mind. A reliable baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your little one while they sleep or play in another room. Opt for a monitor with features like video monitoring so you can see your baby's movements and facial expressions. Night vision can be helpful for those nighttime check-ins, and temperature monitoring ensures your baby's comfort.  Two-way audio allows you to soothe your baby with your voice even from afar, creating a sense of connection and security.

3. Baby’s Skin And Hair Need Gentle Care

The delicate skin and wispy hair of a newborn require special care and attention. As a parent, ensuring that the products you use are safe, gentle, and effective becomes a top priority. 

Here is what you should consider:

  • Skin and Hair Care: This is a major concern for new parents. Their tiny skin is delicate and prone to irritation. You must look for fragrance-free, gentle products specifically formulated for newborns. Herby Angel offers a pediatrician-aproved line of lotions, and body oils that are perfect for your little one's delicate skin and hair. Their Bala Ashwagandhadi Baby Body Butter is made with Avocado and Argan Oil to deeply moisturize your baby’s skin. It helps soothe dry, itchy skin. At the same time, this body butter has anti-inflammatory properties and provides 8+ hours of intensely moisturized skin.
  • Bath Time Essentials: A soft washcloth, a baby bathtub (optional, but can be helpful for newborns), and a gentle baby shampoo are all you need. Keep bath time short and sweet. Remember most newborns don't need daily baths. So, less is often more when it comes to newborn care. It is best if you opt for organic bath essentials for your newborn. Herby Angel’s  Bala Ashwagandhadi Soap will become your go-to bath product. It is a soap-free bar soap in a teddy bear shape that acts as a nourishing cleanser for your baby's gentle skin. It helps promote a healthy, radiant glow as well as protects your baby’s skin from germs and bacteria.

Pro Tip: Adding a body oil to your skincare routine will add an extra layer of protection to your kid's skin and it also gives a great opportunity to create fun time with the little ones. You can also opt for Bala Ashwagandhadi Baby Body Massage Oil as it strengthens bones and muscles while promoting bright and glowing skin. It also supports cognitive development and induces sound sleep.

4. Feeding for the Future:

As your baby grows, their nutritional needs will change. Around 6 months, their pediatrician will likely give you the green light to introduce solid foods. But before that exciting milestone arrives, here's a heads-up for what's to come:

  • First Foods: Around 6 months, purees made from single fruits and vegetables are a great way to begin the transition to solid foods. You can try Herby Angel’s Banana, Chikoo Fruit Mix for babies is made with Makahana perfect for strong bones and a healthy gut.
  • Feeding Tools: Spoons, bowls, and bibs with wipeable surfaces will become your new best friends. Look for highchairs that adjust and grow with your baby, offering support and comfort during mealtimes.
  • Healthy Choices: Once your pediatrician gives the green light, explore a variety of nutritious choices like fortified cereals, jaggery,  yogurt, and mashed fruits and vegetables. Herby Angel’s Organic Jaggery Powder is ideal for improved hemoglobin levels, strengthened bones, and better immunity. Herby Angel’s organic Jaggery Powder is one of the healthiest substitutes for refined sugar that can be included in your baby’s regular diet.

Parenting is a Teamwork

Taking care of a newborn is a team effort. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your partner, family, and friends. A strong support system will make all the difference in those early days. Lean on your close ones for help with chores, errands, and even just a listening ear. Most importantly, while focusing on your baby's needs is essential, don't neglect your own well-being.

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