Addictive foods for kids

Addictive foods for kids

Addictive foods for kids

Addiction has the potential to be harmful. It may harm the body in a variety of ways. Despite the fact that food addictions are not as deadly as drug addictions, they can have a serious impact on your health.

Why imbibing the right eating habits is important

  • Gerhardt, a research scientist, speculates that children may be even more susceptible to addiction than adults because their brains haven't yet learned impulse control. Furthermore, it isn't a stretch to hypothesize that early exposure to addictive foods may result in poorer impulse control in later life, even though study on this hypothesis hasn't yet started. 
  • According to research, teens who misuse substances like alcohol and tobacco are more likely to have a substance abuse problem later in life. According to Gerhardt, "the more junk foods youngsters are exposed to early in life, the more it will set them up for issues. Their brains are still remarkably malleable.
    Instead of just increasing access to fresh fruits and veggies, the greatest approach to keeping kids healthy is to completely remove the option to eat junk food (yes, that means getting rid of vending machines in schools). Nobody is eating a lot of broccoli. Strawberries are never consumed unless they cause nausea. These other things simply can't compete if these youngsters are used to eating junk food.
  • The most addictive foods tend to be highly processed and loaded with either sweets, salts, or both. The reward center in our brains activates and produces dopamine and other feel-good chemicals when we eat these foods. Therefore, it seems logical that we consume them in large amounts because our brains increase our reward needs as we consume more of them. 

The strict NO for kids

Some addictive foods for kids are as follows: 

  1. Chocolates: Theobromine, a stimulant found in chocolate, is thought to improve mood and sharpen focus. Due to this ingredient, chocolate is extremely addicting. However, given their high fat content, milk chocolates, which would turn you into an addict, are still preferable to them. 
  2. French Fries: Monosodium Glutamate makes fried potato chips much more addictive than they already are. It is a flavoring chemical that your favorite restaurant chains frequently employ to improve the flavor of their french fries. French fries, a popular comfort meal that many people find appealing due to their high fat and salt content, can be harmful
  3. Potato Chips: Because they are salty and crunchy, potato chips are highly processed and are sure to give you a buzz when you eat them. You eat many too many of these because they don't actually fill you up. Because of their nature, potato chips are extremely addicting. 
  4. Cookies and Cakes: With their high sugar content and scrumptious flavors, cookies and cakes can be very addicting. Additionally, the frosting on many cakes contains highly addictive high-fructose corn syrup, which makes them both irresistible and harmful to your health. These baked goods have the potential to seriously hurt you. 
  5. Ice cream –Ice cream is demanded by all. Because of its flawless sugar and milk combination, this elegant dish is very irresistible. It is quite simple to become addicted to the decadent stacking of fats and sugars because it serves as the ultimate reward. Due to the range of highs and lows that the sugar in ice cream gives, you might not be able to stop yourself from eating the entire pack once you get going. 

Try to keep children away from bad eating habits that might lead to obesity and other lifestyle disorders. Avoiding spoiling children with these foods and endangering their lives.

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